Armenian Evangelical Literature and Links

Armenian Evangelical Literature and Links


Armenian Evangelical Literature 

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The Armenian Evangelical Church and the Armenian People

Rev. Dr. Hagop A. Chakmakjian
Armenian Evangelical Confession of Faith 

Constantinople, July 1, 1846
Armenian Evangelical Confession of Faith (abbreviated)

Taken from the Armenian Evangelical Confession of Faith, 
Constantinople, July 1, 1846
Armenian Evangelical Identity - Historical and Theological Perspectives 

Rev. Barkev N. Darakjian
The Armenian Evangelical Witness to the Armenian People 

Rev. Dr. Vahan H. Tootikian
  • Being Obedient to the Heavenly Vision 
    Rev. Movses Janbazian
The Blessed Nation

Rev. Edward S. Tovmassian
  • Considerations for the Future of the Armenian Reformation in North America 
    Rev. Stephen Muncherian
The Evangelical Dimension in the Armenian Church

Dr. Mihran S. Agbabian, Ph.D.
Evangelism in the Early Armenian Evangelical Church

Rev. Barkev. N. Darakjian
Evangelism, or Proselytism?

Rev. Barkev. N. Darakjian
Fundamental Armenian Evangelical Teachings

Rev. Dr. Giragos Chopourian
History of the Armenian Evangelical Movement

Rev. Karl Avakian
Le Lumingnon

Journal of the Armenian Evangelical Youth Fellowship - France
Mary: Mother of God or Mother of Christ?

Rev. Barkev N. Darakjian
Missions, Our Mission

Dr. Gilbert G. Bilezikian, Th.D.
Reflections on the 1700th Anniversary of Christianity

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Ph.D.
The Rise of the Evangelical Movement Among Armenians - Review of Facts and Interpretations

Rev. Antranig Bedikian
The Role of the Layperson in the

Armenian Evangelical Church 
Rev. L. Nishan Bakalian
  • Transport Me From The Past To The Future 
    Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian

Armenian Evangelical Churches, Unions, Schools, & Organizations 
The following is a listing of Armenian Protestant and Evangelical Churches, unions, camps, schools, and organizations which have a web presence. We also suggest contacting the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America and/or the Armenian Missionary Association of America (listed below) for a complete world-wide listing. 

   Camp/Lodge address: 
   1701 Darling Avenue 
   Frazier Park, California 93225 
   Camp Office: 661.245.2821 
   Lodge: 661.245.0906 

As more of our churches place their sermons online we will continue to add links to their pages.