Missions and Outreach

Missions and Outreach

Below are missionaries and missions organizations that are supported or connected with our congregation. Our missions and outreach endeavors are coordinated through our Missions and Outreach Committee. The purpose of our Missions and Outreach Committee is to promote the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the support of Christian missionary programs, both foreign and domestic, including those of the Armenian Missionary Association of America. It is the responsibility of the Committee to encourage church-wide awareness and participation in these missions and outreach ministries. The Committee is responsible to raise funds and to channel these to specific missionaries or projects. The Committee maintains contact with all the missions supported by our congregation. We encourage your support of these missions endeavors through prayer and financial giving. 


Armenian Evangelical Church - Hrazdan, Armenia 
Our sister church in Hrazdan, Armenia has about 150 members. Brother Edik Tadevosian is the pastor. The church gathers in a small apartment turned into a sanctuary that seats about 130 people. The church is involved in local home Bible studies and thriving children's and youth ministries. Pastor Edik is also very involved in assisting the needy in the community. The city of Hrazdan has a population of about 80,000 and one Armenian Evangelical church. 

Pastor Edik Tadevosian 
Evangelical Church of Armenia - Hrazdan 
Mikrodistrict Building #225, Apartment 17 
Hrazdan, Armenia 

 (374-6) 72-64-06 

Armenian Evangelical Fellowship of Gayaran, Armenia 
Located in one of the most underprivileged neighborhoods of Yerevan. This fellowship is led by Pastor Hovhanness Frangulian. There is no phone or email contact available. However, Pastor Frangulian can be contacted through the Armenian Missionary Association of America office in Yerevan, Armenia. 
Pastor Hovhanness Frangulian 
Armenian Evangelical Fellowship of Gayaran 
c/o Armenian Missionary Association 
Nikol Douman Street 22 
Yerevan 375028. Armenia 
Office: (374-2) 26-36-56 
FAX: (374-2) 15-12-34 
Email the A.M.A.A. in Yerevan. 
Armenian Evangelical Social Service Center 
The Armenian Evangelical Social Service Center in Hollywood, California is dedicated to meeting the needs of immigrant Armenians in the Los Angeles area. Since its inception, thousands of people have benefited from the center's outreach. Through assisting with the social needs of our people a means is provided through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared. 
Armenian Evangelical Social Service Center 
5250 Santa Monica Boulevard, #204 
Los Angeles, California 90029 

Office: (323) 664-1137 
FAX: (323) 664-4650 

Armenian Missionary Association of America 
The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) was founded in 1918 and incorporated as a nonprofit, charitable organization in 1920 in the State of New York. The purpose of the AMAA is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate the reality about God's love. 

To fulfill this worldwide mission, the AMAA operates and/or supports a range of educational, evangelistic, relief, community development, social service, health care, church, child care and other ministries in 22 countries around the world, including Armenia and Karabagh. 

The mission and service ministry of the AMAA is rendered in the name of Jesus Christ, and is made possible by the gifts of individuals and churches who are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission - "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation."(Mark 16:15) 
Email the A.M.A.A. 

Armenian Prison Ministry 
There are approximately 5,000 to 7,000 Armenians incarcerated within California. Under the leadership of Christina Grain, our congregation is reaching out to this prison population through a "pen pal" writing program as well as the distribution of Bibles and other Christian literature. 

In particular, under Christina's leadership, the Calvary Armenian Congregational Church, along with Prison Fellowship Ministries of Washington DC, has undertaken a prison outreach program to incarcerated Armenian women in the California state prison system. The growing national number of women being incarcerated for longer periods of time (due to mandatory sentencing laws) did not exclude the Armenian population, and it is estimated that approximately 500-700 Armenian women are presently incarcerated in the California state system. The goal of both the Calvary Armenian Congregational Church and Prison Fellowship Ministries is to exhort, equip and assist the local Armenian Church in its ministry to these prisoners and their families. 

Christina meets regularly with the Prison Fellowship staff, assisting in the organizing of a data base to track those female prisoners who identify as an Armenian on Prison Fellowship applications, to receive an immediately contact by the church, In addition, promotion of this program occurs through Prison Fellowship publications. The Armenian female inmate, once identified, will receive written contact from an Armenian speaking female pen-pal from Calvary Armenian Church. The staff will forward the inmate an Armenian language Bible, Christian literature and tracks, and regular Daily Bread publications in the Armenian language. The pen pal keeps in close and constant contact with the prisoner through the pen pal relationship. 

To contact this ministry for information or assistance Email Christina Grain 

Armine and George Manoukian 
Child Evangelism Fellowship 
Armine and George Manoukian minister with Child Evangelism Fellowship (C.E.F.) . The ministry of C.E.F. is focused on reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Armine and George have a special burden for Armenian children and have prepared numerous C.E.F. teaching materials for Armenia. They have made several trips to Armenia to share the Gospel with children and for teacher training. The most recent of these trips was in the summer of 2000. 

Both Armine and George were born in Lebanon, when that beautiful country was called the Switzerland of the Middle East. George was the son of a country doctor who took care of the medical needs of seven villages perched on mountain slopes. He shared the Word of God with his patients. Armine's father was a minister who started the first Sunday schools in Lebanon for the Armenian children. 

After they were married, storm clouds began to gather on the political horizon of the Middle East. But this did not prevent them to attend the Child Evangelism Leadership Training Institute in Switzerland. They took their four children with them, to be obedient to His call. 

Great blessings followed through teacher-training classes and the start of Good News Clubs all over Beirut for Armenian children. C.E.F. books began to be translated and published. But, the Club in their home ended under a rain of bullets. The war in Lebanon that lasted for 16 years had started...1975. Their home was shelled, looted, burned... 

After emigrating to the U.S., they continued with child evangelism and also, with the Gideons, distributing the Word of God to students, hospitals, hotels, and prisons. Armine began teaching in public schools and George worked with Lighting Fixtures. 

Since the Manoukians have a vision for the salvation of our nation's children, the Lord took them to Armenia four summers to train teachers and teach children in different camps in different cities. 

WHAT do they do and WHY? They translate visualized C.E.F. textbooks into Armenian as a curriculum to be used in Sunday schools and camps. These books present the Gospel to children in such a way that they can understand and respond to God's love. They train teachers through Teacher Trainng classes, every week in the Bay Area. They teach children. 

The harvest among children bears rich fruit. According to statistics, 85% of saved people were saved between the ages 4-14. The majority of children are thirsty and are dying without the Living Water all over the world. Jesus said to let the children come unto Him, "For it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish." (Matthew 18:14). Email Armine and George Manoukian 

Camp AREV 
E.J.M. Armenian Evangelical Conference Center 
Located near Frazier Park, California, Camp AREVministers year-round to individuals, churches, youth and adults, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to Armenian Evangelical ministries and churches which utilize this facility, Camp AREV runs winter and summer camps for Juniors, Junior High, and Senior High. Annually a Men's Retreat is held. Many other Armenian and non-Armenian churches utilize these tremendous facilities. Through this ongoing ministry thousands have been reached, hundreds have come to salvation, and a tremendous number of lives have been changed for eternity. Contact Camp Arev 

Drs. Tom and Cynthia Hale 
Drs. Tom and Cynthia Hale for many years were medical missionaries in the Himalyan country of Nepal. While in medical school they vowed to work together among primitive people to share the love of Jesus by way of their medical practice. Currently they are traveling around the world sharing their experiences as missionaries, training others, and encouraging ongoing support and participation in missions especially in Nepal. Email the Hales 

Eddy and Rhoda Ekmekji 
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 
Eddy and Rhoda Ekmekji are our missionaries serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - USA

Eddy writes, "College students can change the world. The marxist movements in this century, the students at Tianenmen Square, and the students in Indonesia point to the passion and idealism of college students who can change the face of a nation and the world. Now imagine if these students were motivated by God and wanted to change the world for Him. This image helps explain my passion for ministry with college students.

After graduation from UC Davis in History and International Relations, I joined the staff of the UC Davis InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. This organization is an international movement of students on college campuses who are striving to know what it means to follow Jesus and know God. As a campus minister, my hope is to influence students to grow in their faith. Giving talks at meetings, leading a Bible Study, and leading short term mission trips allow me opportunities to love, serve, and influence students.

InterVarsity has been beneficial and significant to my growth in the Christian faith. However, since coming to the United States when I was 10 years old (form Beirut, Lebanon), I have realized God's work in my life and how He has drawn me closer to Him."

Eddy and Rhoda are currently ministering on the campus of California State University (CSUN) - Northridge, in Los Angeles, California. For more information on how you can pray and partner with Eddy and Rhoda in this ministry, you can reach them via email: Email Eddy Ekmekji 

New Direction For Armenian Youth 
New Direction for Armenian Youth (New Day) focuses on ministry to at-risk Armenian youth and their families by helping kids to keep out of gangs, away from drugs, out of street life, and by helping them achieve academic success. Most importantly, New Day helps youth become better individuals who know right from wrong. Their emphasis is on spiritual values and the redemptive love of God through Jesus Christ. Specific ministries include: Afterschool Tutoring Program, Mentor Program, Personal and Family Counseling, Sports and Recreational Activities, Parent Education and Training, Health Education, Spiritual Development, Employment and Job Readiness Skills Building. New Day is located in Hollywood and works with Armenians in the Los Angeles area. 

Abe Chaparian, Director 
New Directions For Armenian Youth 
4950 Franklin Avenue 
Los Angeles, California 90027 

 (213) 668-2388 


Nor Yerk 
“Nor Yerk” is an Armenian contemporary Christian band which sings new Armenian Christian songs as well as Armenian national songs. “Nor Yerk” aims to reach the Armenian people in Armenia and diaspora and bring them the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and testimonies. Worshipping God is the center of its ministry. “Nor Yerk” believes that besides the beautiful “Sharagans” it is necessary to compose and sing contemporary Armenian Christian hymns. “Nor Yerk” composes and collects such songs from all over the “Armenian world” then prints, records and publishes them. Armenian national songs are also part of “Nor Yerk”’s repertoire. Singing such songs helps the audience to relate to their roots and heritage specially those who live in remote areas of the diaspora. “Nor Yerk” was formed in 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon. So far the band has sung in France (1993, 1996, and 2000) Armenia (1994 and 2000), United States (1996), Canada (1996), Germany (1996), Switzerland (1996), Syria (1993) and Lebanon (1993 - 1996). 

Rev. Nerses Balabanian, Director 
c/o Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church 
P.O. Box 80169 
Bourdj Hammoud 
Birut, Lebanon 

 (961-1) 241-636

 Email Rev. Balabanian


Rick and Rebecca Emenaker 
Mission Aviation Fellowship, Moscow, Russia 
The Emenakers are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). They served for 7 years in the South American country of Suriname, where Rick flew for various missions agencies, the national church, and the local government. Currently the Emenakers are stationed in Moscow, Russia, where Rick is overseeing the Russia MAF program including all of the projects mentioned below. There are currently eight Russian nationals running MAF. There is also one US couple working on the Distance Education project. 

When the Soviet Union first opened up, a group of around 70 missions cooperated together to form an umbrella organization called the Co-mission under which to enter. MAF was part of that original group of missions. Though the "Co-mission" is no longer necessary to enter the former Soviet Union, MAF is still working with about 35 other mission groups helping to facilitate the spread of the Gospel in that area. 

MAF runs a warehouse to serve those missions that not only stores various literature to be used throughout the former Soviet Union, but helps in the printing, distribution, and strategic use of the materials. The warehouse has about 2 million books and videos and ships approx 1.5 million pieces a year. MAF also helps the various missions process their visas and navigate various paperwork needs. MAF also provides a safe and private email service to these missions and other Christian organization in Russia. 

MAF has launched a three-year pilot Distance Education (DE) Project in Eurasia, which is also an exciting part of the MAF program in Russia. In a nutshell, the idea behind DE is to help provide solid Biblical and Theological training to Christian leaders in remote locations using computers, compact discs and the internet. MAF is currently one year into this project. 

MAF Russia is also in the process of beginning an aviation program in a remote area of Russia. Email the Emenakers

Rev. Roger Minassian 
Hope Now For Youth 
Hope Now For Youth - "Two Steps and You're Up" assists Fresno area youth out of gangs and into the American mainstream through loving and caring relationships. In partnership with local churches and businesses, counseling, educational empowerment, spiritual encouragement, and employment opportunities are provided. Through this ministry hundreds of men have been brought out of gangs. Email Hope Now 

Haig and Vula Rushdoony 
Macedonain Outreach 
Macedonian Outreach is a Christian, charitable, tax deductible, non-profit association. Founded in 1992, The Outreach's primary purpose is to glorify God by meeting the following needs within the Balkans: (1) to assist Christian workers physically, financially, and spiritually, (2) to supply food, clothing, and monetary aid to refugees, orphans and others in everyday physical need, and (3) to bring children with life-threatening medical problems to the United States for treatment. 

The work of The Outreach is restricted within the Balkans. The ministry focuses on the Balkan nations of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia including former Yugoslavian states such as Bosnia, Croatia and FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia). 

Monetary support is extended to selected indigenous Balkan Christian workers. Native Christian workers throughout the Balkans are also supported and are oft times visited. Macedonian Outreach volunteers often team with local workers in ministering to the adults and children. The focus is also on assisting children's ministries and the distribution of Bibles and Christian literature to the parishioners. 

Another need being met through The Macedonian Outreach is to supply clothing and food. Clothing and shoes have been sent or taken into all the Balkan countries. They are normally shipped by surface freight for distribution among the needy. Sending food, and sometimes giving money for food and for heating are an on-going endeavor. This assistance is also prevalent among refugees and orphans. On a selected basis, orphan children are monetarily supported monthly through the Child Support Society BENJAMIN, an organization working within Greece. Several church bodies and Christian organizations work with The Outreach with the purpose of meeting the needs of the Balkan people. 

A third ongoing service is to help primarily children in desperate life-threatening situations. In this endeavor, The Macedonian Outreach works closely with other organizations and hospitals. The children who have been brought to the United States for evaluation, treatment and surgery have been in situations in which appropriate equipment and/or facilities were lacking in their homelands. After treatment, the children are returned to their homes. Providing medicine and vitamins are additional services rendered by The Outreach. 

As God calls, and other doors open for The Macedonian Outreach, people will be assisted...regardless of background, race, or faith...people who may be in need spiritually, physically, or medically. For example, besides helping the Balkan people, per se, thousands of refugees such as Armenians, Gypsies, Turks and others who have immigrated into these lands are also assisted. The Outreach Advisory Board and Directors appreciate your prayers and your financial help in this endeavor to serve Him who came to reach, to serve and to save us. Email Haig and Vula Rushdoony, Directors of Macedonian Outreach. 

San Francisco Food Bank 
There are over 90,000 people in San Francisco living with the threat of hunger. That's why the San Francisco Food Bank exists. They provide hope. The San Francisco Food Bank's warehouse and food distribution center is located at 900 Pennsylvania Avenue on Potrero Hill. This facility opened in June 1997 after a four-year, $8.6 million capital campaign. Through strong support from the community they were able to move from a leaky warehouse with no refrigeration to a 55,000 square foot warehouse specifically designed to help them meet the needs of San Francisco's hungry. The success of the warehouse project came from several important partnerships, including a major gift of land from PG&E and project management from the Bechtel Corporation, along with numerous other supporters. The San Francisco Food Bank depends on volunteers, food donors and financial supporters. They encourage everyone to join them in the fight to end hunger. A food collection barrel is located at Calvary Armenian Congregational Church and we encourage food and other donations from our congregation. Email the San Francisco Food Bank.